Family run farm since 1947

Yagi Brothers Produce grows, packs and ships fresh organic and conventional Sweet Potatoes from Livingston, CA. The company first began as a family run farm that was started by three brothers who, like so many other immigrants, wanted to chase the American dream and be able to provide for their family. We now are happy to offer many types of packaging for both wholesale and retail-ready options.

We pack all varieties of sweet potatoes and have year-round availability to meet all your needs! Give us a call and let us earn your trust! Sales: (209) 394-7311 Fax: (209) 394-3940 email:

Our incredible Organic and Conventional
Sweet Potatoes

Yagi Purple

The Yagi purple sweet potato is a unique variety exclusive to Yagi Brothers. The outside skin looks like an oriental potato, but the inside has a pretty purple and white color to it. As the potato is cooked, the color on the inside deepens and it becomes a vibrant dark purple. The Yagi Purple has pleasantly sweet taste just like an Okinawan potato.

Red / Diane

Red colored skin with orange flesh. They are really popular because of how much flavor they pack and how moist they are. They are commonly used for sweet potato pies.

Beauregard / Covington / Jewel

These are the most commonly thought of sweet potatoes. Just like the Garnett’s they taste sweet and are moist. They have copper colored skin and deep orange flesh. They are used for traditional baking and casseroles. This variety is extremely popular in the south, where they are used for desserts and side dishes.

Sweets / O’Henry / Bonita

These sweet potatoes can vary from a cream to yellow flesh depending on the variety. Like the other potatoes, they are sweet, but are drier and milder than the rest. They can be used as a substitute in most recipes for the standard white potato. They are most commonly used for casseroles.

Asian / Murasaki

With a vibrant purple skin and surprisingly pure white flesh, these sweet potatoes have a chestnut flavor that really stands out. They are a very good source of vitamin A, potassium, and dietary fiber.